Ultra Paint & Alloy Sealant

Please note, Nanolex Ultra has now been replaced with Nanolex Si3D.

Nanolex Ultra Paint & Alloy Sealant is the newest in the range of true Nanotechnology Surface Protection products manufactured by Nanolex in Germany.

Nanolex Ultra Sealant is designed to protect your painted surfaces and offer a highly durable layer that will help repel water, dirt, grime, and dust making it more difficult for contaminants to adhere onto the paintwork.

The Sealant is extremely resistant to most kinds of washing detergents and will make leave your Paint with an incredibly high gloss and slick finish that will help protect against bug splatter, bird droppings, brake dust and UV deterioration.



Nanolex Paint & Alloy Ultra Sealant is based on the same formula as the Nanolex Premium Paint Sealant however durability is up to 36 months depending on driving conditions. This is suitable for all kinds all painted surfaces including wheels/rims (durability varies on type of wheels due to heat). Once applied to the Painted surfaces the sealant cures and becomes super-hydrophobic and is protected by an interlaced molecular net that forms a layer over the surface repelling oils, dirt, dust, grime, brake dust and other contaminants for long-term.

Cleaning will be a much easier and less consuming task, and in most cases a thorough treatment with a high pressure washer and a sponge/brush will be enough to clean and wheel cleaners are no longer necessary.

  • Drastically reduces dirt, pollutants and brake dust adhering
  • Long term Paint Protection
  • Paint & Alloy surfaces protected against dirt, dust, grime, oils brake dust and other contaminants
  • Brake dust can be removed easily, and does not burn into paint on whees
  • Safe & Recommend for all new vehicles
  • Safe for factory, split, forged and custom wheels including polished alloy and chrome wheels
  • Can be applied to a brand new vehicle.
  • Ultra high gloss and slick finish to paint.
  • High water repellent.
  • True German Nanotechnology.