Matte Paint Final Finish Spray


Nanolex Matte Final Finishing Spray is a completely silicone free Matte specific quick detail spray. This spray is safe for all factory matte finishes including matte vinyl wraps and will remove light dust, finger prices and even after wash water marks*.


Matte Paint Professional Sealant

Nanolex Professional Matte Paint Sealant is the latest in Nanotechnology. This coating has been designed to protect Matte Paint & Vinyl Matte Wraps long term! This product will not add gloss or change the finish of your Matte paint or wrap.

Matte Paint Spray Sealant

Nanolex  Matte Paint Spray Sealant is a fast and easy way to protect your matte vehicle. This product will not add any gloss to the finish or change appearance but simply add a protective coating that will last up to 4 months from a simple spray application.


Matte Paint Surface Cleaner

Nanolex Matte Surface Cleaner has been designed specifically for factory matte paints and vinyl wraps. This Matte Surface Cleaner will remove most surface contaminants such as grime, grease, dirt and finger prints but not add any gloss, damage or stain the paint or vinyl wrap.

Matte Paint Wash Shampoo

Nanolex Matte Paint Wash Shampoo is a pH Neutral Shampoo that had been specifically designed to use with matte finished vehicles and surfaces. To note this is not a re-label of their Reactivating Shampoo which is not suited to Matte Surfaces.


Nanolex NanoWax is an All-In-One product based on Chemical Nanotechnology. It offers the ability to Polish and Seal your painted surfaces and alloys, and offer long term protection from dirt and contaminants. 100% Genuine Nanotechnology, Made in Germany.

Premium Alloy Sealant

Nanolex Premium Alloy Sealant provides long-term protection for your Wheels against all kinds of paint contamination including Brake Dust from burning into the wheels paint. 100% Genuine Nanotechnology, Made in Germany.

Premium Convertible Fabric Roof Sealant

Nanolex Convertible Fabric Roof Sealant provides the best protection possible for your Fabric Convertible Roof. A Nanotechnology based Sealant that forms a tough, yet invisible barrier to protect your Fabric Roof from harsh atmospheric contamination and UV Rays.

Premium Glass Sealant

Improve visibility and safety – a must for every car and driver! A chemical nanotechnology based Glass Sealant to repel rain and dirt and protect glass effectively from dirt and pollutants. 100% Nanotechnology, Made in Germany.

Premium Paint Sealant

Nanolex Premium Paint Sealant, a true Nanotechnology Paint Protection Product which offers long lasting Shine and Protection for 12 months on all painted and alloy surfaces. 100% Genuine Nanotechnology, Made in Germany.

Premium Spray Sealant

Nanolex Premium Spray Sealant, based on German Nanotechnology protects Paint, Alloy, Metal and Plastic Surfaces gives long term protection from an easy Spray application.

Premium Textile & Leather Sealant

Nanolex Textile & Leather Sealant offers a high-tech Coating designed especially for interior fabrics, leather and carpets that repel water, dirt, and resist stains whilst offering superior protection that is 100% invisible.

Reactivating Shampoo

Nanolex Reactivating Shampoo is a first, in new generation of shampoo that actually adds real Protection as you are washing the car, and forms a chemical and molecular bond with previously applied protective and refreshes them as well adding a new layer of protection.

Si3D Coating

Si3D’s complex matrix coating will also offer further resistance against abrasion caused during the washing process and is almost unaffected by most heavy chemical cleaners and alkaline washes, thus protecting your paint and keeping that new car shine for longer.

Si3D Coating is unlike traditional protective coatings such as carnauba waxes and other polymer coatings that decrease in protection over a short time. Si3D will coat the paintwork with a durable long lasting layer that will help repel dirt, grime, dust and water, making it harder for contaminants to adhere to the surface. This will allow easier washing and maintenance with less abrasion due to minimal contaminants adhering to the paints surface.

Ultra Paint & Alloy Sealant

Please note, Nanolex Ultra has now been replaced with Nanolex Si3D.

Nanolex Ultra Paint & Alloy Sealant is the newest in the range of true Nanotechnology Surface Protection products manufactured by Nanolex in Germany.

Nanolex Ultra Sealant is designed to protect your painted surfaces and offer a highly durable layer that will help repel water, dirt, grime, and dust making it more difficult for contaminants to adhere onto the paintwork.

The Sealant is extremely resistant to most kinds of washing detergents and will make leave your Paint with an incredibly high gloss and slick finish that will help protect against bug splatter, bird droppings, brake dust and UV deterioration.



Urban Glass Sealant

Improve visibility and safety – a must for every car and driver! A chemical nanotechnology based Glass Sealant to repel rain and dirt and protect glass effectively from dirt and pollutants. 100% Genuine Nanotechnology, Made in Germany.