Premium Textile & Leather Sealant

Nanolex Textile & Leather Sealant offers a high-tech Coating designed especially for interior fabrics, leather and carpets that repel water, dirt, and resist stains whilst offering superior protection that is 100% invisible.

Nanolex Textile & Leather Sealant provides a coating that is completely transparent to protect your interior fabric, carpets and leather long-term whilst resisting stains and offering complete protection.

This Nanotechnology designed Product will coat the textile surface with an extremely yet invisible layer that will help aid against general wear and tear and repel water and dirt from absorbing into the surface. The sealant is completely 100% invisible and does not alter the feel, look or texture of the fabric or leather and will still remain fully breathable and supple. Interior cleaning will be made much easier as spills will ‘slip’ off the surface rather than penetrating and absorbing into the fabric or leather.

The coating is superior to many other fabric and leather protection products because of its advance genuine nanotechnology, with driving and usage conditions it can last as far as 12 months from one single application.

  • 100% Invisible Coating and Protection
  • The appearance of the fabric or leather is unchanged
  • Stops leaching of dyes from clothing to fabrics & leather
  • 100% Nanotechnology
  • Repels liquids to “slip off”
  • Safe for New & Older vehicles