Premium Spray Sealant

Nanolex Premium Spray Sealant, based on German Nanotechnology protects Paint, Alloy, Metal and Plastic Surfaces gives long term protection from an easy Spray application.

Nanolex Premium Spray Sealant is a high-tech Nanotechnology Sealant/Coating that can be used on Paint, Alloy including Wheels, and Plastics.

This Spray Sealant is easily applied to any surface as standalone protection that can last up to 6 months, or alternatively used as a "refresh" to existing sealants to reactivate and further extend pre-existing Nanotechnology Coatings or other type of sealants and waxes.

The Nanotechnology sealant is designed to coat the surface with an extremely durable layer that will repel water, dirt, roam grime and dust, making contaminants harder to adhere to the surface. Strong wash chemicals will no longer need to be used as the surface will be easily cleaned with a pressure washer and a pH-neutral balanced wash shampoo.

  • Reduces dirt adhering, makes cleaning quicker and easier
  • Spray on formula
  • 100% UV Protection
  • Safe & Recommend for all new & older vehicles
  • Longer intervals between cleaning = savings on cleaning / and care products, water, time
  • Dried on insect remains and bird excrement's will not cause immediate damage to paintwork