Premium Paint Sealant

Nanolex Premium Paint Sealant, a true Nanotechnology Paint Protection Product which offers long lasting Shine and Protection for 12 months on all painted and alloy surfaces. 100% Genuine Nanotechnology, Made in Germany.

Nanolex Premium Paint Sealant is an high tech long-term surface sealant nanotechnology sealants are high-tech long-term surface sealants for all painted (lacquered) surfaces - cars, motorcycles, boats, aeroplanes, motor homes, etc.

Tests have shown that the Sealant has an incredibly durability lasting up to 18 months if the car were to receive hand wash only using a pH-neutral car shampoo.

Our Nanotechnology Sealants are not cleaning fluids or abrasive polishes, but a transparent microfilm that attaches itself to painted surfaces, making it smoother, sealing and decreasing the ability for contaminants such as oil, dirt, other chemicals and water adhering and staining the paint. Whilst having anti-static characteristics this so-called Lotus-Effect is thus achieved giving the ultimate protection for all painted surfaces.

  • Reduces dirt adhering, makes cleaning quicker and easier
  • Long term protection
  • 100% UV protection
  • Colour revitalisation and gloss
  • Safe & Recommend for all new vehicles
  • Longer intervals between cleaning = savings on cleaning / and care products, water, time
  • Dried on insect remains and bird excrement's will not cause immediate damage to paintwork