Premium Glass Sealant

Improve visibility and safety – a must for every car and driver! A chemical nanotechnology based Glass Sealant to repel rain and dirt and protect glass effectively from dirt and pollutants. 100% Nanotechnology, Made in Germany.

Nanolex Premium Glass Sealant is a Nanotechnology Coating for glass surfaces for cars, specifically designed to repel water and dirt to increase visibility all-round.

Visibility through rain is significantly increased due to the Lotus Effect. The water will simply run off the glass over 80km/h, which is suited perfect for highway driving or country driving.

This sealant for cars is specifically formulated to prevent dirt, ice & snow, insects, tar and other pollutants from adhering to your glass. A wet microfibre cloth is sufficient to clean the windscreen and windows quickly and leaving them streak free.

Our nanotechnology sealants are not cleaning fluids or polishes, but a transparent microfilm, that attaches itself to the surface being sealed, making it smoother and so decreases the angle for materials that come into contact with it. The so-called Lotus-effect is thus achieved.


20,000km on Windscreens

50,000km on Windows without wiper contact.

  • Clearer Visibility in Rain
  • Streak free cleaning
  • High Water repellency
  • Smoother wiper movement
  • Reduces bug and contaminants adhering to glass