Premium Alloy Sealant

Nanolex Premium Alloy Sealant provides long-term protection for your Wheels against all kinds of paint contamination including Brake Dust from burning into the wheels paint. 100% Genuine Nanotechnology, Made in Germany.

Nanolex Premium Alloy Sealant is based on the same formula as the Nanolex Premium Paint Sealant and is suitable for all kinds of wheels/rims (durability varies with type of rim). Once applied to the wheels surface it becomes super-hydrophobic and is protected by an interlaced molecular net that forms a layer over the rims surface repelling brake dust and contaminants long-term.

Cleaning your wheels will be a much easier and less consuming task, and in most cases a thorough treatment with a high pressure washer and a sponge/brush will be enough to clean and wheel cleaners are no longer necessary.

  • Drastically reduces dirt and brake dust adhering
  • Long term protection
  • Rims protected against brake dust and contaminants
  • Brake dust can be removed easily, and does not burn into paint
  • Safe & Recommend for all new vehicles
  • Safe for factory, split, forged and custom wheels including polished alloy and chrome
  • Can be applied to inner and outter of Rims surface