Nanolex NanoWax is an All-In-One product based on Chemical Nanotechnology. It offers the ability to Polish and Seal your painted surfaces and alloys, and offer long term protection from dirt and contaminants. 100% Genuine Nanotechnology, Made in Germany.

Nanolex NanoWax is a surface sealant for all painted and alloy surfaces.

NanoWax is the first so-called All-In-One product Nanolex offers. This creamy-liquid formula contains clustered nano-abrasives that refresh the paint and alloy surface, at the same time providing outstanding protection and easy to clean characteristics.

With this protection dust and light dirt will simply come off in rain. Insect remains are much easier to remove. Various tests have shown that the sealant has very high durability lasting to 9 months with a single application if the car is washed by hand only (using pH-neutral shampoo).

Our nanotechnology sealants are not cleaning fluids or polishes, but a transparent microfilm, that attaches itself to the surface being sealed, making it smoother and so decreases the angle for materials that come into contact with it. The so-called Lotus-effect is thus achieved.

Surfaces sealed with Nanolex repel water, oil and dirt, have antistatic characteristics and protect against chemical and biological damage. Water, oil and dirt can be removed easily, but if the car is very dirty it can be cleaned with a high pressure hose and a microfiber cloth.

  • All-In-One Product
  • Polish & Nanotechnology Protection
  • Can be Machine or Hand Applied